Short Statement

Rachel Lulov Segall

I have worked on a series of paintings exploring women’s inner conflicted feelings about their roles in society.  These take the form of semi-alive mannequins in shop windows, surrounded by the lures and traps of lovely “feminine”objects, often with the reflections of the  outer world on the shop window. They all can be seen individually however three painting are planned to be shown as a triptych.

I am also interested in the challenging, and often mysterious aspect of city life and I have done a series of painting expressing my love and awe at the challenges of the city.

In addition, I have started a series on the inner, imaginary life of children, “A Child’s Dream” takes place in a dollhouse in which each room has an aspect of childhood, and “A Child’s Ocean Adventure” takes place in a bathtub! This startled me too. The bookcase full of toys which are our idols of adulthood. No child appears in this series, I am working out a depiction of their inner world.

My paintings have strong narrative, most often with a liminal quality and content which always invites the viewers to become emotionally involved.  I want you, the viewer, to be drawn into the narrative of the painting, be intrigued by the liminal aspect and to be emotionally moved, as you enjoy the beauty of the color, form and paint.

I also have a future mega project in mind: a book of prints of my paintings, carefully arranged, with  poems and short short stories which can interact with the themes and questions in my paintings.

I work with acrylic and sometimes with acrylic and oil on canvas and in Egg Tempera; I live and work in Manhattan.


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