Short Statement

Rachel Lulov Segall

I am a native New Yorker and live in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side.

My paintings have strong narrative, with a liminal quality.  I want the viewer to be emotionally involved,  drawn into the narrative of the painting and enjoy the beauty of the color, form and paint. I am interested in the challenging, and often mysterious aspect of city life and I express my love and awe at the challenges of the city.

I paint women’s inner conflicted feelings about their roles in society represented  by semi-alive mannequins in shop windows, surrounded by the lures and traps of lovely “feminine” objects, often with the reflections of the  outer world of the city on the shop window.

I paint the imaginary life of children. “A Child’s Dream” takes place in a dollhouse in which each room has an aspect of childhood, and “A Child’s Ocean Adventure” which takes place in a bathtub. A bookcase full of toys holds our idols of adulthood. No child appears in this series; I am expressing the the inner life of children.

I paint the city as my home and my canvases tell my story.

I work with acrylic and sometimes with acrylic and oil on canvas and in Egg Tempera.


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